Improvement or Maintenance?

Is it an Improvement or Maintenance?


Improvements*   If you're improving something that is still functional, yet is dated, or adding something that wasn't previously there, you may consider it an improvement.

An addition to the home.
Building a garage.
New cupboards and countertops.
Finishing the lower level.

Installing a sprinkler system.
Improving the landscaping.


Maintenance**   If you're replacing a necessary component of the home that is damaged or at the end of its life expectancy, consider it maintenance.

Installing a new furnace.
Putting on a new roof.

Installing new screens on the windows.
Making plumbing repairs.
Reseeding the lawn.
Replacing the gutters.
Replacing the garage door.


*Depending on the age of an improvement you made to your home, it may no longer be considered an improvement to prospective buyers....i.e. a kitchen that was remodeled in the early 90's may now be considered outdated.


**A house needs a roof that doesn't leak (maintenance), but it doesn't need a house with a roof that is made of gold plated shingles (this may be considered an improvement, although I'm not sure it's one that will pay you back when you sell your home!).