Rochester Area Service Providers

Whether you're buying or selling, you're going to need to contact your service providers.
I've listed some of them here for your convenience.

Sellers - Do your Buyers a favor and have their name handy when you call your service providers.  Unless you've made other arrangements with the Buyer, give the utility companies their names, and ask that service be transferred in to their name, so that service to the home is not cancelled all together.

Buyers - On the day you take possession of the home, be sure to call the utility companies to assure that service is transferred in to your name.  Failure to do this could result in you having to pay extra $$$ to have the services turned back on.

Minnesota Energy   (Gas) 800-889-9508

Rochester Public Utilities (Electric & Water) 507-280-1500

Ferrell Gas - 800-240-4328

AmeriGas Propane - 888-286-7585

Charter Communications   (Cable) 800-581-0081

Qwest  (Phone) 800-244-1111

Midwest Wireless - 507-288-6201

U.S Post Office ( Map to Post Office )- 507-287-1240