Plan your House Hunting trip to Rochester

If you're on this page, you're probably anticipating a move to Rochester, which means you're needing to find a home here.  To accomplish this, you're probably going to need to make a trip to Rah, Rah, Rochester (our new official slogan!).  This is going to require a plan!

Prior to coming...

If you've not already been busy looking at homes for sale in the Rochester area , why not start now?  It may help to get an idea of what our real estate market looks like.  There's an abundance of homes currently for sale (lucky for you!), so I'm very hopeful that you'll find plenty that interest you.  Through this site, you have access to all the homes listed in SE Minnesota, and if you choose to register, you may save and even rate your favorites.

You've requested a relocation package , right?  Good...because in it, you'll find lots of area information that may be of use to you before, during, and after your move to Rochester, including a list of Rochester's top employers (just in case you haven't already secured a new job), an accomodations guide (you'll need a place to stay while you're here), an area map, and lots of other useful area information.

If you haven't already checked in to your financing options, now's a good time to do that.  You may have several options available to you, depending on your current situation...meaning, do you have a home to sell prior to being able to buy a home here?   Have you already sold your home, but are waiting to close?  Trying to sell one home while buying another can be a little stressful, but working with a good lender on this end will make things go smoother, and I'd be happy to refer you to several from the Rochester area.

While you're here...

If you're here to find a home, then let's find you a home!  By the time you arrive in Rochester, I will have the house hunting part of your trip organized and ready to go.  I will schedule & organize our day(s), so that we see all the homes that may interest you.  There may be 10 or there may be 40...regardless, we'll see them all, even if that means we have to start early, and stay up late (wear slip on the end of the day, it will have saved us an hour!).

We may find you the perfect home on the first day of your visit (it happens!), or the last (I've shown people houses on the way to the airport).  Hopefully we'll find some good "potentials" everyday that we're out looking, so that you don't feel pressure towards the end of your visit to choose a house you don't love.  Once we find you the right home, I'll have the paper work ready so that we can write your offer to the seller. 

Depending on the length of your visit, you may have time to explore the area a little.  Rochester and the surrounding small towns have plenty to offer.  Gas up the rental car and go explore SE Minnesota !

After you've left...

You'll probably be back in your current home by the time we come to terms with the seller of the home you're planning to buy here in Rochester.  But, that's ok...I'll handle the rest of the details.  If you opted for a home inspection, I'll arrange to meet the inspector at the home.  I'll provide your lender with a copy of the purchase agreement, and will arrange for the closing (if you're unable to be here for the closing, we can arrange to do it by mail).  You can concentrate on packing up your life and moving it to Rochester!  

I will be here for you...feel free to contact me with questions, concerns and favors needed!